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Adam Kanarr


     Turning wrenches in one form or another would describe most of my work history. Before jumping head first into this endeavor, I was a mobile petroleum service technician for the last 13 years with the last 2 of those years as Service Manager. That experience gave me great insight as to what it takes to succeed in a service based business.

     If I'm not working you'll probably find me either hunting, cooking for and spending time with my family (including four labs), or playing music. Although I don't play in the bars anymore I still like to play at home whenever I can.

     As you can see by the tribute behind me that sits above my desk, I am very proud of my fathers 30 year military service and I miss him every day. 

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Naomi Kanarr

Mrs. Owner
& Invoicing

Even though Naomi has a full time job she still takes the time to manage the accounts payable/receivable side of the business.

If she's not shopping in the clearance aisle looking for a great deal, you'll find her spending time with her family to include her mom, 3 children, 2 foster children, and her granddaughter. (not to mention me and the four Labradors). She's the backbone and the glue that holds everything together.

Meet the Labs

From Left to Right

Leroy Brown

He's the biggest topping 110 lbs. He is also scared of everything. In the last thunderstorm we had he ended up on the back of the couch up on my shoulders. He's a big softy.

Luna (aka Luna Toons)

We're not sure whether she is named after the moon or if its short for lunatic. She is very energetic and is definitely the athlete of the bunch. She can run fast and jump high. She loves to play catch and go for rides. I once clocked her at 34mph while riding my motorcycle.

Maisie Grace

She's the mother of the rest. She rules the roost but also a huge cuddlebug. She loves to swim in the river and play catch with Luna.

Jackie Black

At first it was thought that she was a boy. But when it was discovered that she was a girl, we added the "ie" to the end of her first name. Her left front "knee" was dislocated at birth and was not repairable. Although she walks a little funny it doesn't slow her down much. When you come home she wags her whole body not just her tail.



This Just

In October of 2022, we were given a 4 year old German Shepherd. We don't know much about her previous environment, only that she was used for breeding. When we first got her home, she was very standoffish and scared of her new surroundings, only warming up to my oldest foster daughter. Now, though, she is much more accustomed to everyone else and the other dogs. ( Some may even say that Shepherd and Leroy are an item! )

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