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2nd to None Septic Solutions, LLC

Maintenance Services Available

    At 2nd to None Septic Solutions, LLC we understand the importance of septic system maintenance. But we also understand that with everything else that is going on in your life that it’s easy to forget. After all, your septic tank is not something that you think about on a day to day basis. Many times by the time you see the symptoms of a system in trouble it’s too late. So we have come up with a few options to help take away the worry and headache. Below are the maintenance items that we offer. These plans are built by you based on your needs from the simple to the comprehensive. Look at the options below and you can pick and choose what you want in order to build your own plan. All Items inspected are documented with the condition of the item inspected with suggested action to be taken. The documents are given to you and also held on our servers. These documents are available to you at any time by request.

Septic Tank Pumping:
Whether it’s needed every three years, every year, or multiple times a year. You set the schedule and we show up and pump your tank based on your needs.


Septic Tank Monitoring:
A septic tank needs pumping every so often. That need is based on the levels of scum at the top and sludge at the bottom of the tank. If you are unsure of when you tank needs to be pumped or if you don’t want to take the chance of it getting to full, you can add this service and we will come out at specified intervals and check the scum and sludge levels and either let you know when the tank needs pumping or, if you wish, we will automatically pump it when its time.


Effluent Filter Cleaning:
More and more septic tanks are coming with effluent filters in order to help safeguard your system against solids. With filter cleaning as a part of your contract, filters are automatically cleaned and inspected twice a year.


Pump Evaluation:
If your septic tank has a pump in it and you choose to add this service, we will check that the pump is operating with in factory specifications. This check includes verification of proper ampdraw, making sure that the pump output is at the specified gallon per minute (GPM), and cleaning of the intake screen.

Alarm System Operational Check:
If you have an effluent screen or an effluent pump in the tank, chances are you have some kind of alarm system to alert you to problems. Should you choose to add this service we will verify the operation of that system. This would include inspecting the floats in the tank to make sure that they move freely, Verifying that the audible alarm activates as intended, and changing the backup battery in the alarm if applicable.






*These inspections are designed to help you monitor your septic system to help maintain proper operation,although an inspection does not guarantee proper operation. A system that is deemed to be operating properly at the time of inspection is not a guarantee that it will continue to operate properly. It is a verification of operation at the time of the inspection.

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